2020 Halloween Costume Contest!

The Official

KWCK 99-9

Halloween Costume Contest

is now online


is now underway! 

To enter the

KWCK 99-9

Halloween Costume Contest,

like us on


and find the

Costume Contest post

at the top of our page. 

Comment on that post

with a picture of your child

in their Halloween costume,

along with your child’s name,

age and hometown. 

The KWCK 99-9

Halloween Costume Contest

is open to children

ages 17 and under. 

The contest will remain open


Sunday, November 1st. 

Prizes for

this year’s winners will be

1st place – $300 

2nd place – $200 

3rd place – $100 

We will announce the winners on

Wednesday, November 4th. 

So, head to our

Facebook page

and good luck from

KWCK 99-9!

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